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2015年7月19日 星期日

TIME 時代雜誌 07/20/2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal – Obama has delivered on his promise of diplomacy. Will his gamble pay off?
Giving Iran a Chance – For once, the West bets on Middle East peace
Pros and Cons – Leon Panetta, Madeleine Albright, Dennis Ross and others weigh in on the deal
Kenya’s Gold Rush – Meet some of the most innovative startups emerging in the birth country of Barack Obama’s father
Cold Comfort – Egg freezing is being marketed to young women as an insurance policy. But the data is less reassuring
The Brief
 What drug lord El Chapo’s escape from prison means for Mexico
 Should Greece privatize the Acropolis?
The View
 James Poniewozik: Don’t pull the plug on The Cosby Show or The Dukes of Hazzard
Time Off
 John Anderson on Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man

TIME 時代雜誌 07/13/2015

State of Ruin.
Greece Tempts the Fates – The country’s voters rejected an E.U. bailout. Now what?
The Brief
 Donald Trump’s foot-in-mouth disease finally costs him
 Terrorism vs. tourism: the dollar cost
The View
 Victor Luckerson on why millennials can’t afford to see themselves as “postracial”
Time Off
 Anne Heller on Ayn Rand’s newly published early novel
Greece Tempts the Fates – The country’s voters rejected an E.U. bailout. Now what?
Wellspring of Jihadists – Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, is the world’s biggest contributor of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq
Leftward Ho! – Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the populist fury animating the Democratic Party
The Path to Pluto – A NASA space probe is set to examine a distant, icy world
The Sky Is the Limit – The “starchitect” behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is building an even taller skyscraper

2015年7月8日 星期三

TIME 時代雜誌 07/06/2015

解答篇特刊The Answer’s Issue
52頁解答篇:人類資訊多到目不暇給 是否件好事 解答篇特刊 提供慧眼驚奇解答52 pages of answers: Humanity is up to its eyeballs in data. Is that a good thing? In this special Answers Issue, a clear-eyed and surprising view of our world today is offered in Answers.

為何父母不應公然羞辱處罰小孩Why parents should not punish kids with public shaming
過小溪 由3D印橋Need to cross a creek? Print a bridge
猶他州女孩 踢美式足球Utah girls tackle football
論美國總統說詞中 多次使用「黑鬼」John McWhorter on President Obama’s use of the N word
Taylor Swift的蘋果電腦勝利The meaning of Taylor Swift’s Apple victory
解答篇:人類大量創造資訊本身是個新問題 The answers issue: The massive volume of data that humanity generates is a new kind of problem 誰是異類?Who is exceptional? 我們為何物所界定What defines us 我們有的問題未被察覺Questions we didn’t know we had我們未知已有答案的問題Questions we didn’t know had answers 我們應該問的問題Questions we should ask 暑期最終讀物是什麼?What is your ultimate summer read? 是否給生活樣式按贊?Do you vote your lifestyle?
季節最佳餐飲書The season’s best cookbooks
論美國前總統尼克森、雷根、卡特最新回憶錄Michael Duffy on new books on Nixon and Reagan and Carter’s latest memoir
Kristin 將待在戒慎屋 直到進步通告Kristin van Ogtrop will be in her panic room until further notice