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2015年8月15日 星期六

TIME 時代週刊 08/24/2015

Cover Story
What It’s Like to Be a Cop Now – With confidence in the police at its lowest in two decades, TIME joins Philadelphia cops on the beat
When Childbirth Means Death – The Indian state of Assam has the country’s highest maternal mortality rate
Major Players – How a couple of guys found the formula for making cell-phone games hyperaddictive

The Brief
 Donald Trump holds a lead in polls
 What time is it in North Korea?
 Iraq shakes up its government
The View
 Katy Steinmetz on Target’s gender-neutral toy aisles
Time Off
 Richard Zoglin on this year’s smash-hit musical, Hamilton
 A new collection of feminist fiction by the late Lucia Berlin

TIME 時代週刊 08/03/2015

虛擬現實驚奇 The surprising joy of virtual reality
何以其將改變全球Why it’s about to change the world

叢林寓生Living in the jungle: Migrants dreaming of a better life in England wait at squalid encampments in Calais, France
生而使死Born to die: Photographer David Chancellor’s look at the South African ranches where big-game animals are bred in captivity to be killed by wealthy hunters—legally
高峰內情Inside the summit: Conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch are spending big on the 2016 US election
虛擬盒內Inside the box: Virtual reality is here—and it’s better than you think
論Jon Stewart日秀James Poniewozik on Jon Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show
Janeane一談Quick talk with comedian and actor Janeane Garofalo
九問九答9 Questions with chef Anthony Bourdain

TIME 時代週刊 07/27/2015 第26期

權力的遊戲Game of Thrones
時代周刊與2016政壇最令人驚訝兩老對話Time talks 2016 with the most surprising couple in politics

權力的遊戲Game of Thrones – Unlikely pals Bill Clinton and George W. Bush prepare to watch their families compete for the U.S. presidency
黃金時刻Golden Moment – As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, the successful city-state faces fresh challenges for the future
殺戮區塊The Kill Zone – Photographer Patrick Tombola documents an epidemic of murders at the hands of gang members in El Salvador
短訊篇The Brief : Why workers are turning against the sharing economy
How Iran’s knockoffs of U.S. food brands will fare The View
Susanna Schrobsdorff on the pressure to have a model divorce
休閒篇Time Off : James Poniewozik on Caitlyn Jenner’s series I Am Cait
七問七答:7 questions with Bret Baier, the host of Fox News